Mezzaluna Studio is all about that modern colour and abstract shape.

Designed by Vikki Wiercinski, Mezzaluna Studio is a Canadian textiles and stationery line as well as a design studio that crafts commissioned custom work.


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About Vikki Wiercinski

In 2015, designer Vikki Wiercinski ran away from her cubicle job and launched Mezzaluna Studio, a design studio as well as a home + paper goods line based on her lifelong love of pattern, shape and colour.

Enriched by her European roots, never following trends, and remaining true to her own independent style, her work brings a unique meditation on shape and colour to life. Through the years her signature energetic approach has appeared on public art commissions, illustrations, murals, and book covers.

Vikki was named Designer of the Year by Western Living Magazine. She studied Visual Communication Design at the University of Alberta.

The studio is currently based in Edmonton, Canada and features three (three!) resident cats constantly (constantly!) trying to sit on the keyboard.


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Selected Press

Maker of the Year: Vikki Wiercinski - Western Living Magazine

Print and Pattern: Nature Book by Bowie Style – Lawrence King Publishing

Uppercase Magazine – print issue #32

Coral is the New Grey: New Trends National Post

Women In Canadian Design: Vikki Wiercinski 

Une nouvelle thématique pour la boutique Bref - Index-Design (Montréal)