Let's work together!

Vikki Wiercinski is an award-winning, multi-medium designer, trained in graphic design as well as fine art at the University of Alberta (BDes, 2006) with a stint developing her surface design skills through NSCAD (2009). All told, that's over ten years of post-university design experience working for Canadian and international clients. Vikki's design practice embraces many mediums, from architectural surface design work and large-format applications, to commercial surfaces such as wallpaper and carpet, and product packaging and textiles. 

If you need a custom surface design or commercial illustration, or have an abstract pattern-related idea you want to take form, I want to help you make it - let's work together! Commission inquiries (large or small) are most welcome, do email to see how we can collaborate.

Edmonton Heritage Festival 2018 Tea Towel

In collaboration with that most enjoyable culture and food festival, the Edmonton Heritage Festival, I developed custom silkscreen artwork based on a mixed media painting by local Indigenous artist Lana Whiskeyjack which celebrates the connection between diverse women by representing a female dancer from various cultures. Adding some abstract decorative elements in Mezzaluna style, Lana's figures were redrawn with silkscreen considerations in mind. The 225 tea towels were custom branded with the Heritage Festival's logo and packaging and are to be given away to hard working volunteers as well as attendees of the 2018 Heritage Festival's President's Reception, which kicks off the whole festival. See you at the food stalls, everyone!

Edmonton Heritage Festoval 2018 Tea Towel banded


Lewis Farms Fire Hall 

I am pleased to have completed a large scale architectural surface design commission for the Edmonton Arts Council. Designed over a year-long collaboration with the building’s project team and architects, the piece is formed out of multiple tiles of Ductal high-performance concrete and forms the majority of the exterior cladding of the building.

Much of my inspiration for the final piece was thinking about the Northern Lights and starry skies on a crisp, clear Alberta night. Maybe you’re standing in your backyard and you’re just in awe of what you see above you – you’ve forgotten about the chill for a moment. And it’s a very common experience that many take for granted – not many people in Canada, let alone the world, live at the latitude to see Northern Lights regularly. I think as Albertans we live for those moments – at least I do!

Project status: Installed in February 2016. Located on the exterior cladding of the Lewis Farms Fire Hall in Edmonton, Canada.