DOT DOT DASH: Prototype hook system

DOT DOT DASH: Prototype Hook System / Wall Installation

Acetate wall installation exhibited at IDS Toronto • January 2019

Metal hook prototype exhibited at the Work/Life Umbra Prototype Show at DesignTO Festival • January 2020 • Voted a DesignLines festival favourite!

The basis for the Dot Dot Dash design was a series of abstract drawings that I worked to make 3D. Creating a three dimensional piece from a two dimensional vision and experimenting with new materials, this is a hand-drawn composition lasercut out of colourful acetates and mounted on wooden pegs.

A year later, a new version of this project also turned into a prototype wall mounted hook system out of powdercoated aluminum and a redesigned two-piece maple peg system. Is it art, or is it functional? Good design is both, of course!



After some experimentation, I could see there was opportunity to adjust the wall hanging into wall hooks. The result was lasercut, powdercoated aluminum in various shapes and colours, and a separating peg system to keep it all together.

Above: Chrome squiggle hook

Following the aesthetics of joy, the hooks are all about pop colours, curvy shapes, and the enjoyably unexpected.



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