MIDNIGHT DISPATCH: Cast concrete design

Midnight Dispatch Public Art Piece

Custom surface design for cast concrete

Lewis Farms Fire Hall • Edmonton, Canada
Surface Design at 2m x 3m

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Dipping an entire building in pattern is an opportunity worth taking on - just sayin’!

Working in-depth with the architectural design team on the Lewis Farms Fire Hall building project, I created this design through a collaborative process that included concept presentations to the architecture team and further refinements from those conversations. 

Much of my inspiration for the final piece was thinking about the Northern Lights and starry skies on a crisp, clear Alberta night. Maybe you’re standing in your backyard and you’re just in awe of what you see above you - you’ve forgotten about the chill for a moment. And it’s a very common experience that many take for granted - not many people in Canada, let alone the world, live at the latitude to see Northern Lights regularly. I think as Albertans we live for those moments.

Aesthetic considerations aside, the design had to have manufacturing considerations tightly in mind as it needed to translate into a casting mold, and be poured into the concrete panels forming the exterior cladding of a large portion of Lewis Farms Fire Hall building.

The original digital design.

Mold being prepped at the concrete casting manufacturer.

Completed concrete panel before delivery to the fire hall for installation.

Thank you to the Edmonton Arts Council for the commission. There is a nice writeup about the piece on their blog.

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